Skills and services I offer. These can be bundled or À la carte...

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    Editing/Color Correcting/Audio/Graphics

    Having won multiple awards in this department, it's my true specialty and main interest. Editing, known as the invisible art, involves bringing a video to life so that it holds interest for its target audience, while maintaining a structured story that is unique to its particular brand. From 30 second promos to long form web series, building a sequence of clips into a concise, fun and engaging video is my passion.

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    Still and Motion Graphics/Business Cards/Print Materials

    Need an updated logo? New business cards? Promotional print materials? I can help build or refresh your brand to give you a clean and professional presence. With skills in both 2D and 3D, I can animate your new or existing logo and breathe a little life into your brand.

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    Script Writing/Strategy/Shooting/Lighting

    If you need to get your message out to the world, there's no better way than doing it with a video. Understanding your vision and mission, then outlining that into an organized and concise script, and finally shooting it with an editor's eye will help streamline the post production process to give you a sleek finished product.

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    Sound Design/Mixing/Composing

    Ever watch a video with awful sound quality? Or with music that seems to jump all over the place? Audio is extremely important to a good video, from proper music track choice(s), to sound design, to editing and mixing it all together. I will not only make your video look great, but I'll make sure it sounds great too! I can even create original compositions or mnemonics for your brand.