• Qigong & Tai Chi

    with Mark Viglione


    Qigong (said like chee-gung) and

    Tai Chi (said like tie-chee) are…


    Primordial Chinese Mind-Body practices that are graceful and gentle, yet contain powerful movements. In these Healing Arts, one can gain a deep awareness of the body, breath, mind, and create more homeostasis from the inside-out by calming and stabilizing the nervous system, opening the gateway to revitalize health, and activate your healer within.

    Gentle & Powerful Movement

    Gentle, yet EXTREMELY powerful, movement and intentional breathing for cultivating one's own energy creating vitality and longevity through mindful moving meditation flows...

    Create Harmony

    Stress management and nervous system balancing for inner harmony and activating the body to heal itself.

    Easy to Integrate Into Your Life

    Accessible to all ages and fitness levels. No prior experience required. Only comfortable clothing and an open heart.

  • About Your Guide,

    Mark Viglione

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    After learning martial arts at a rapid pace in his late 30's, it became apparent to Mark that although martial arts are rewarding in their own ways, the intensity of those practices were not sustainable.


    Yearning for balance and harmony, Mark was serendipitously led to explore the ancient healing arts of Tai Chi and Qigong. It quickly became clear that these practices were the missing piece to unlocking his personal inner power and to help discover his own healer within.


    Learning the graceful and gentle, yet powerful, movements, gaining a deep awareness of the body, breath, and mind, and calming and stabilizing the nervous system, opened the gateway to not only revitalize his own health, but also to discovering his passion and purpose.


    Delving deep into the practice, literature, and multiple training modalities, Mark realized that not only could he facilitate his own healing journey (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), but to also be a guide and empower others to realize their own healer within.

  • Session Options

    Below are options for setting up virtual group sessions. Once you choose your donation type below, Mark will be in touch to schedule the sessions with you.

    If you'd like Private 1:1 (virtual or in person sessions if you're located in the Johnson City TN area), please email at Mark@teamgu.com

    $25 Pay As You Go Option

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    Bundled Class Package Options

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    4-Class Package $80

    8-Class Package $140

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