What clients are saying...

    Dana Osburn

    Writer/Producer at Nickelodeon

    "Mark is an excellent collaborator and a trustworthy communicator. He feels more like a partner than an editor. With a sharp eye for detail and great creative ideas, you can always count on his cuts to come in perfect. His adaptability was particularly valuable to our team, as he created graphics, audio mixes, and scaled our weekly episode TRTs up from 2 minutes to a whopping 5+ minutes in the same amount of edit time."

    Kelly Reagan

    Freelance Supervising Producer

    "Mark is the best! He has the uncanny ability to both pay attention to detail as well as add creative input that results in a well-rounded final product. I have worked with Mark on large projects with many moving pieces and nothing phases him. He once worked through a hurricane! Mark is one of those editors you know will make your team look good!"

    Jen Pincus

    Writer/Producer at TruTV

    "Mark and I have worked together for several years and I can say with confidence that if you’re editing with him you can rest easy knowing he will deliver a top notch final product that is strong, creative and engaging. Mark is great at collaborating with others while also bringing his own creative vision to the table. If ever I am struggling to make a script or spot work he will jump in to help brainstorm and offer a different perspective. He welcomes a good challenge and always has a great attitude which makes working with him a ton of fun. Mark is an all-around great guy, a creative force and of course a video ninja. I highly recommend him!"

    Simone Smith

    Executive Producer at Nickelodeon International

    "Mark is an extremely talented editor - he is creative, organized, has a great sense of story, and is always a complete pleasure to work with. He is constantly thinking outside of the box and brings new ideas to the table. I've been able to rely on Mark to cut projects without any supervision, and the results are always the same -- fantastic. I look forward to working with Mark quite a bit throughout his career."

    Jared Cohen

    Writer/Producer at Universal Kids

    "Mark is absolutely one of my go-to editors! When I have a challenging project, I know I can bring it to him to come up with a fun and creative solution, bringing my scripts to life and creating something far better than I could have imagined. He's amazing at getting out work under time constraints and keeping our creative vision intact through any revisions. I know when I go into a session with him that it's going to be a great time and we're going to get out some amazing work. I look forward to working more with Mark in the future and would recommend him as an editor for any creative team!"

    Joe Fisher

    Freelance Writer/Producer

    "Mark is a fantastic editor. He’s very creative, has impeccable technical skills, and always shows up with a positive attitude. I feel a great comfort walking into an edit session with Mark because he is quite versatile and can handle anything that is thrown his way."