• Hand Crafted Wood Working Showcase

    Industrial Shelving Bookcase

    Custom designed and constructed industrial piping and wood plank shelving unit.

    Birch wood wall art

    A little touch of nature indoors is always comforting. In Celtic folklore, birchwood became a symbol for renewal and purification. With the addition of mini string lights, it adds a little magical woodland fairy touch. It also features a dark walnut stained pine frame.

    Backlit Wall Clock

    This is a pine plank handmade wall clock. All of the 'hour' tick marks were hand cut and raised off the main face. With lights installed on the back, this clock is visible in even the darkest room!

    Patio window art

    Refurbished from old antique windows, these windows add a little homeyness to any patio, porch, or balcony. The glass panes had caked on dirt and grime and the wooden frame had multiple layers of paint to be stripped and reapplied.

    Cedar bath caddy

    What's better than a relaxing bath? Having a place hold candles, beverages, and more! This cedar plank bath caddy had to be custom designed to fit this modular bath tub. Although cedar has a natural water resistance, this project was sealed to endure the constant contact with water and dampness. The design can be modified to fit any bath tub.

    Yoga Crate

    Slatted, hinged crate for storing yoga/exercise equipment. Two-tone stained, Chakra banner lid, and laser cut lotus flower insignia.

    Dining Table Top

    Multi-color stained replacement table top. Made from 100% recycled palette wood.

    Rubbish Bin

    Top opening trash bin with British flair.

    Spice Rack

    Three tier wall hanging spice rack.

    Bike Basket

    Custom fitted, slatted rear basket. Hand painted wood cut outs of a flower and a butterfly on the sides. Made from 100% recycled wood.

    Shoe Rack

    One tier shoe rack. Made from 100% recycled wood.

    Cat fence

    Dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria?! This kitties only fence prevents dogs from devouring cat food when unsupervised!

    Cat house

    Custom designed and built shelter for a stray cat outside our house.