• Skill Showcase Sizzle Reel

    This sizzle reel features a montage of some of the client work I handled and am most proud of. All clips belong to projects I directly edited, but this reel also features examples of my motion graphics/effects, sound design, and original music composition. The opening and closing 3D titles were created in Adobe AfterEffects and the music was composed in GarageBand.

    Win Your Week web-series


    Winner of a 2018 Cynopsis Imagination Award, this was an ongoing weekly YouTube series for Nickelodeon. I was tapped to be editor from the onset and it lasted for 42 episodes! Editing the bulk of the series, I created these 5-7 minute webisodes each week that included tips, info, and fun activities for kids. Garnering hundreds of thousands of views per week with a stellar retention rate, Win Your Week was a very long and very successful campaign that I was proud to be a part of. This is just one episode from the entire series.

    Carolina's Matchmaker

    This is a great example of an "about video" or and informational video for a brand. I provided full service for this video, writing a script based on the brand's mission and services, production lighting/shooting/audio, and editing, color correcting and a full graphics package.

    Nick Everywhere


    This is a great example of 2D graphics, utilizing Adobe After Effects. Taking many small elements and animating them to follow a story is a powerful tool when footage is lacking.

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