A selection of sizzles...

    Phil Smith and Kevin Harrington Mastermind Event SIZZLE

    Producer, Videographer, Editor, Graphics

    Kevin Harrington and Phil Smith organized a 2 day mastermind event to help entrepreneurs take their business or idea to the next level. I shot the entire 2 day event as a solo videographer and put together a series of sizzle and testimonial videos.

    Fashion D'LUX

    Producer, Videographer, Editor

    Fashion D'Lux puts on a fashion show every year in Charlotte and I was tapped to produce the audition event in order to build a promo for the main event. I also captured photography for the main event.

    Greatest American Dog Trainers

    Producer, Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphics, Audio

    As part of a larger marketing campaign handled by TeamGu, this sizzle was created as a fun, energetic, informational video. Utilizing shot footage, TV show footage, stills, and custom a fully customized and branded motion graphics package, this piece tells the story of the owner's journey, mission, and services. Music editing and sound design were also skill sets utilized.

    Nickelodeon - Slime Cup


    To wrap up the massive award-winning campaign for Nickelodeon's Slime Cup, this sizzle was created to recap the activities that took place during the competition.



    As part of the holiday in-store activation, this sizzle featured shots of classic timepieces found in classic movies to emphasize the luxury aspect of the brand.