A selection of videos that showcase editing directly driven by fun, energetic music...

    Nickelodeon - TMNT Recap Rap

    Editor only

    Wrapping up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series on Nickelodeon, this digital video was created as a fun way to recap the events that took place in the season. Drawing from my musical background, I edited a very fast paced, effect heavy video that relies on the beat of the music for the edits. Very fun!

    Nickelodeon - Halloween Pumpkin Party

    Editor only

    Nickelodeon takes Halloween seriously and there is always tons of fun, creative content created during that time of year. This digital video was shot in studio on multiple cameras and I put together a "rap video" featuring the rapping pumpkins inter-spliced with shots from Nickelodeon's IPs. Again, I used many fun effects and relied heavily on the beat to drive the edit.

    Nickelodeon - Marmaduke Trailer

    Editor only

    Who doesn't love a rap song about a Great Dane?! Once again, relying on the beat to inspire fun edits and effects, this promo allowed me to get super creative and let the song tell the story, while matching clips to maintain consistency.

    Nickelodeon - Monsters vs Aliens Tease

    Editor only

    To promote the popular animated movie Monsters vs Aliens being turned into a recurring series on Nickelodeon, this fun tease was cut to the classical song "Infernal Gallop" otherwise known as the "Can-Can Song."